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Rachmad, Sri
Researcher and lecturer on Socio-Economic Demography & Statistics Apply
BPS Statistics Indonesia, Indicator Statistics, under Directorat of Analysis and Statistics Development, Indicator of Statistics Social
Home Address: JL Lurus III No.12 Rt.10 Rw.06, Kebon Bawang, Priok, Jakarta, Indonesia, 14320
Home Phone: +62 021 381 0291 Ext. 7331 - 3
Office Address: Dr. Sutomo No.6-8, Lisbang Gdg.5 Lt.5, Pasar Baroe, DKI Jakarta, Indonesia, 10710
Office Phone: +62 021 381 0291 Ext. 7331 - 3
E-Mail: shrachmat@yahoo.com
Website: http://www.bps.go.id
Nationality: Indonesia
Education: Postgraduate
Research: social-economic Demography and Statistics Applied,lecturer and research-student adviser at Statistics Institute in Jakarta-Indonesia; also columnist at financial and entrepreneurship national magazine. Her research interests are International and Population Development, focus on: social-economic, employment, migration & mobility, child development and education, health, youth, gender, health-labour-women, climate change and vulnerability, environment, data assurance & quality, disability, MDGs, education, poverty and family planning. Some example of paper/ book research work are : A book chapter been published 2011 at Amazon with title "Gendered patterns of urban commuting with better connectivity in Jakarta megapolitan area"http://developmentbookshop.com/gender-roads-and-mobility-in-asia.html#.U...". The Indonesian Demographic and Health Survey (IDHS) 2003-2004. Mother and Children in the Composite Index of West Nusa Tenggara-BPS 1996. Child Labour Pilot Survey - BPS 2005. The Potpourri of Chili Statistics as climate change response related to food security research work among ministries of Republic Indonesia 2011. Does the MDGs program significantly strengthen the disability program? presented at UNESCAP, Bangkok 2012, url address http://www.lcint.org/?lid=6068.

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